Corrugated Sheet

Corrugated Sheets/Slip Sheets

Corrugated cardboard sheets are ideal for improved product stacking. These corrugated cardboard sheets allow increased capacity per pallet and greater stability. We also supply slip sheets for shipping applications.

Corrugated sheets, tier dividers, row dividers, and slip sheets are all available at A Box Broker Inc. These corrugated sheets, also known as load dividers, are a cost-effective way to separate top and bottom tiers of boxes stacked on a shipping pallet or skid and uneven rows of boxes, protecting the product in transit from being damaged by the product rows coming in contact with each other. Corrugated sheets are available in 39.5″ W x 48″ L, designed to meet your distribution and shipment requirements.

Corrugated or cardboard sheets can be also be used as inside boxes as dividers or liners. These corrugated sheets can be stacked flat on top of each other to save space. When used, they provide the proper division of layers of shipping boxes and help in protection of the product – effectively increasing the stability and strength of the pallet load.